Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • ardnahc
    08-10 11:28 PM
    if the bulletin is true then F2A India moved ahead by 10 months.

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  • anilnag
    01-22 07:55 PM
    Here is a post from Ron Gotcher's website which might be of interest to some of us trapped in EB3 I retrogression .

    He expects visa bulletin cut off for EB3 I to jump to 2004 in coming months. No reasoning behing this though..

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  • immig4me
    06-30 10:21 AM
    There is nothing much that Obama can do unless there is bipartisan support in the congress. The House will not take it as Speaker Pelosi has said, if the Senate does not act first. In the Senate, Lindsey Graham is playing politics....... Unless, the legal immigrants and undocumented groups put pressure on a few republicans to get to co-sponsor the bill - it is a dead end.........

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  • geesee
    07-16 11:18 AM
    I never said whole life,term could cost around $100/m

    You did, scroll above a little ;)

    one of my family member have whole life for $81/month for $1m at the age of 28 in NJ, in this plan we will get back everything we paid after 30 years.

    Thats an ROP plan... yes, that you can get it for $100/month.

    I am questioning your statement of "getting 1 million insurance for $100/month till the last breath"


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  • ratsek
    09-21 01:44 PM
    I applied and waiting to hear from USCIS. I shall post when I hear from them. :)

    Did you get any response from USCIS? Is it worth trying?

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  • sanju
    09-06 11:02 PM
    although i strongly refute the possibility that hiring managers are eating money

    Trust me my friend, I have seen it happen all the time, from large Telecom firm to Govt., its always there, most of the consultants just doesn't come to know about it, but the cut for the managers is there in some form, almost always. Why do each manager has a specific vendor through whom they want to hire most of the time? What else is the reason for the client to pay the consulting company $180/hr but they won't give 'valueablehurdle' anything more than $50-60/hr?

    On a different note, now that NSG approved the waiver, most desi uncles, some of them are also owners of desi consulting companies will claim that they are the father of Nuclear deal. These bastards (sorry for my french) always oppose any GC fix and they tell their favorite congressman/senator (each has atleast one favorite politician for whom they do fund raisers) that gc backlog is not an important issue for the community. India Abroad, Times of India, rediff and other desi portals/newspapers will write 'Oliver North' style stories about these desi uncles knowing well that companies like GE etc put their weight behind the deal as it will create commerce to commerce over $20 billion/yr. But desi uncles/orgs will not stop claiming to be the father of nuclear deal. The fact is, most of these desi uncles made noise not because they wanted to do something for their country of birth, they are doing it because they think that if the nuclear deal passes, they can play middle man for US companies to sell the technology/material to Indian companies/govt. Most of the so called 'united voice of Indian-Americans on the Hill' organization's goal is to make big bucks by playing 'middle man' for companies wanting to sell technology to India. And as always, just as 'valuablehurdle''s client (paying $180/hr) Indian govt. will pay double the cost. These desi companies have squeezed blood of people waiting for gc, but now they think its time to move on to play big game with the big boys. These desi uncles/orgs are going nuclear.... time for Rediff and India Abroad to play Oliver North. Sometimes the line between capitalism and cycle of corruption is extremely blur. The problem is, these desi uncles/orgs claim to be representatives of entire Indian-American community, sometimes the entire immigrant community. They don't know more than 100 people, but they claim to be the leaders of all 2.5 million indian americans. Sorry for my french, but these bastards are the owners of desi consulting firms who have done a lot of harm to many communities.


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  • NoMoreSilence
    01-18 07:35 AM
    :confused: I donated $101 thru Paypal yesterday to move the number 14386 up fast. But it did not change at all!!:confused:

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  • EndlessWait
    02-25 10:30 AM
    Incorrect. Please go back and see old threads for action items. Just because you do not see any action item right now, you cannot flush down all our hard work in the last 2 years. You are enjoying your 2 year EAD because of the hard work of our Admin fix campaign in 2008. Please stop blaming the organization. If you wish to lead it, come forward and take charge of your state chapter as a start, lead and deliver results. IV is everyone and each member's responsibility.

    kudos to what u accomplished in July 2007, but the reality is we haven't seen any major action after that. I guess its mostly frustration from ppl here, who think that the US housing/EB crisis can be pursued aggressively than expecting for CIR to happen.



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  • paskal
    07-14 07:36 PM
    please stop this.

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  • nonimmi
    09-18 02:04 PM
    I don't agree with you.

    While we are waiting for GC,What options we have in US ? How to use our time more effectively instead of worrying too much ? This is what we were discussiing. It is indirectly related to immigration.

    Take it easy Man.....Don't worry too much about the content !

    Yeaaah sure.

    Mr. Reddy and labor 2002 can continue this real estate investments discussion and more like - child care, 401k, spouse selection and what not!!

    And when it comes to **more** private matters guys plsssssss move to private room as not all of us can take it happily.



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  • pappu
    04-11 11:56 AM
    Please do not post any offensive posts. Read posting guidelines if you have any questions.

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  • shimul99
    08-22 10:58 PM
    I'm from Bangladesh and applied for my I485 in july 2, 2007 and already received my receipt and the fingerprint appointment letter. can anyone please let me know when can i expect my process to be done.....


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  • walking_dude
    12-12 10:52 AM
    I always cleaned my room, in India and here. What's wrong with that? Infosys founder Narayan Murthy cleans his own toilet (as per his own admission to a newspaper). Does it make him an 'inferior' person to you? Don't you vacuum your room every weekend? Does that make you any lesser person? Ever heard of dignity of labor?

    You wrote - "Humans, listen, life is not 1000 years, it is very short, dont waste the best part of your life waiting for gc". So what are you doing ? Not waiting for GC? Then why are you hanging around? There are good opportunities back home . Those sitting in deep-sh*t shouldn't be throwing muck at others stuck in the same sh*t.

    I am sure most of us here (especially from India) were pampered and did not even clean their own study desks or rooms of their house when they were young, now they are ready to sweep the roads of a foreign country to get the foreign government attention to get their gc :)
    Humans, listen, life is not 1000 years, it is very short, dont waste the best part of your life waiting for gc.

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  • FinalGC
    02-28 04:03 PM
    This article was written by IV sometime back. I think this is an excellent article, iIf you have it good, please ignore this posting....

    Dude, where's my green card?

    By Salil Pradhan

    While a fierce battle is raging over immigration reform for unskilled and undocumented workers, we the high-skilled, legal immigrants are struggling for employment-based permanent residency. The wait, intended by Congress to be one year or less, can now be up to 10 years in certain categories.

    I am a high-skilled, educated, legal, tax-paying resident of Stillwater, having dual master's degrees from Oklahoma State University. My wife obtained a Ph.D. from OSU and works there as a post-doctoral research scientist. After filing a plethora of immigration forms, paying exorbitant fees and waiting almost 5 years, our permanent residency application process is still in a state of limbo with no end in sight. In the absence of permanent residency and the associated uncertainty, we have missed several opportunities of economic investment and scientific research.

    People presume that since we are highly qualified and legal residents, it would be a matter of one to two years to obtain permanent residency. On the contrary, I, my wife and thousands of highly skilled, highly educated legal immigrant members of Immigration Voice ( are stuck in a bureaucratic mess that has shattered our American dreams, stagnated our careers and prevented us from realizing our true potential.

    The U.S. employment-based green card process is in need of a major overhaul. Hundreds of thousands of applicants have been stuck in the three-stage green card process � some since 1999. These highly skilled workers take up jobs for which qualified American citizens cannot be found. Though it's hard to imagine that a qualified American worker cannot be found for some high skilled jobs, there are several explanations for this disconnect.

    More than 50 percent of American graduate degrees in science and engineering go to foreign students, a majority of whom continue to stay in the United States and work on H1-B visas. A shortage of American graduate students translates to a shortage of American workers in skilled positions such as chip design, materials science, microbiology or nursing. Also, qualified Americans may be unwilling to relocate to a particular location. This is especially true for physicians working in under-served areas.

    Many misconceptions about H1-B visa holders have been propagated by largely anti-immigrant lobbies the most prominent being that they take away American jobs and are low-wage workers. The truth is that an H1-B visa holder can only be hired if a similarly qualified American citizen cannot be found. Also, the minimum H1-B wage, determined by the Department of Labor, cannot be less than that offered to an American worker in a similar job.

    Another myth is that H1-B workers don't pay taxes. Be assured that all H1-B workers pay taxes equal to what American citizens pay, including Social Security and Medicare taxes.
    If Congress passes S. 2691 and H.R. 5744, which Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz., have respectively introduced, America would undoubtedly become more competitive by ensuring availability of adequate high-skilled immigrants and by eliminating some of the red tape that plagues our legal immigration system.

    Pradhan is a member of Immigration Voice.


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  • urdost
    07-19 01:38 PM
    EB 2 / PD May'05 / Reached NSC on July 2nd'07 @ 9:01 AM

    PERM Labor approved in '06
    I -140 approved in '06

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  • priderock
    04-11 11:34 AM
    Why don't you setup "Just an Indian" forum so other nationals don't need to participate anymore.

    I was talking about this THREAD NOT FORUM.

    ps: This is my last post in this thread. (perhaps forum)


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  • sorcerer666
    04-21 02:58 PM
    no need to stop laughing....ur loving kids will be laughing more loud than yours in future, when you become old.

    if you have no parents...or no good parents...please don't post stupid comments.

    i know, all honest people will support this.

    this is not new...i saw a website for this....which was signed by 100's 1000's people...could not find it now.

    all honest people will support what??

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  • ghost
    08-22 10:32 AM
    Useful Information. Please let us know if you indeed got the copy of your 140 from USCIS.

    It will help all those who want to port their PD while shifting companies without being at the mercy of the employer.

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  • aadimanav
    07-14 07:43 PM
    * bump *

    10-12 02:11 PM
    sent an email to all the addresses mentioned in this thread..thanks

    06-04 03:48 PM
    Haha... Typo.... Anyways, any idea on my original question?

    I have applied for my Son's PIO at NY and I have not notarized the copies. They verified the originals and returned back to me at the counter. You don't need to notarize copies if you have the originals with you.

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