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  • bigboy007
    10-29 03:01 PM
    your id rightly tells your attitude...we are talking about USCIS delays and you are talking about something else...Join twitter to tweet nonsense, but don't kill a valid topic here.
    I think everyone of us are trying to start and dive in to discussion which never ends... Just becoz someone throwing stone doesnt everyone of us has to take up stones. Our problem in discussion in here is reg EAD or our GC's we need a fix if any one still in EAD not received please stand up and post in my thread ...

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  • sparky_jones
    02-20 11:41 PM

    Today I got a call from an officer in "immigration and customs enforcement" asking for an appointment to visit my residence for checing my immigration status.
    I am on H1B visa.

    I would appreciate if someone could give any sort of information related to calling for a home visit.

    Highly suspicious. I would call ICE and confirm. Also, I would ask this "officer" to visit at the workplace in presence of your lawyer. No one has any business visiting your residence for enforcement of a work-related visa. Be careful; consult with your attorney before entertaining any such request.

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  • ireddy
    08-22 01:58 PM
    They worked enough for this year and they have lot to do. According to my guess they have the following pending work.

    1. Issue Receipts (Sep/October)
    2. Issue EAD cards for approx 300,000 applicants? (October/November/December)
    3. Issues AP for 300,000 (October/November/December)

    On top of this they need to celebrate thanksgiving and christmas like every citizen. So don't expect too much from them for this year.

    If at all there is some momement in EB numbers, that will happen only between Jan-March(before H1-B madness starts).

    Good luck !

    I think you missed a new one (in news today)
    - Issue new Green Cards for 750,000 (cards without expiration dates have to be replaced)

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  • wrldnw4me
    03-21 12:30 PM
    Hi, I live in Colorado Springs, let me know if i can do anything



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  • h1b_slave
    09-14 05:24 PM
    Without GC, they were working for the same client with even more pay and life was good if not better.

    i don't think settling for a lesser salary after getting GC is a wise thing to do & i hope you as well as most of the people here would not like to do that unless a person has outdated skills & does not want to upgrade or wants to accept whatever he gets without any efforts.

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  • desi3933
    07-19 02:27 PM
    Desi.....someone asked you a question.....please reply in your typical red blue italic font. If you can not defend what you said, then admit that you were doing BS here. Thanks

    I have already replied to him/her.

    BTW, Are you his/her agent? Your post indicates what kind of person you are.

    Good Luck.

    Green Card holder since May 2002


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  • saggi13
    02-17 10:17 PM
    to be honest with you, i dont know what USCIS is doing...

    i am hoping that they are processing the case, but i am in the same boat as any one else on this thread.

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  • eb3retro
    04-16 01:04 PM
    Can anyone please give any advise/ideas on how to deal with this?


    did you give an education evaluation certification along with your original GC app and I-140 app? IT is very important documentation if u do not have a 4 year degree. Usually they accept 3 year degree with work exp to be considered in lieu of 4 year degree. for your case, where u do not have a 3 year bachelors also, ur education evaluation documentation needs to be extra strong and attractive. Hope this helps...


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  • Imm_Exploited
    08-24 12:26 AM
    Can you vote as a GC applicant or even a permanent resident? NO

    You would think you could influence the Americans to support your cause and vote accordingly in the elections. FORGET IT!! Let alone the 2nd, 3rd, 4th.......17th generation American citizens, even the recently naturalized immigrants don't give a crap about us immigrants. The media and the politicians just have a field time with the immigrants (both legal and illegal) and some ignorant and dumb Americans (who don't usually vote) who get easily carried away by the emotions played both for and against immigration.

    The serious voters (this has been established by several polls) however, are quite aware that immigrants are not given relief and naturalized overnight and are obviously confident that it could take around 20 years for any immigrant to get naturalized. The issues for these serious voters are: Iraq war, economy (the dwindling housing market?), globalization, gay marriage, abortion, and imports from China.

    I wish good luck for IV and all those participating at the DC rally. NO, I can't make it, I am sorry.

    Ok..., but can you tell me how they are approving cses for PD EB3'2003 or Any EB3 cases daily, when EB3 is 'U', do you have answer for this.

    Since ther is plenty of approval going on everyday.

    They are not following any PD for the last 3-months approval, I don't believe any rule they have.Now they are already under pressure , and the pressure started already.They have to clean up.I don't think they will wait untill next year June, since Election is on Sept'2008.

    EB2/PD-Sept'2004/I-140 Approved.
    I-485 - Sent July5th.
    RD - ?
    AD -?
    Edit/Delete Message

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  • bigboy007
    08-15 08:59 AM
    Yes might be but Labor cert is not being part of list of docx that need to be attached even if ur 140 is pending as if you would have included I-140 receipt notice but in your case it seems better u do it rather feel sorry . But refiling in many normal cases wont help much unless if there is an issue in it.

    I would not re-submit only for EVL, but it is important you review your entire AOS application set that went out to USCIS.

    I reviewed the photocopies of our AOS applications and found a few omissions e.g. not including
    1. EVL
    2. pending I-140 receipt notice
    3. Labor cert approval which would clearly show the priority date-- instead they put a wrong priority date in the covering letter.
    I decided it is a higher risk to rely on such a messed up application!

    Hence, I am working to re-submit our AOS. I asked that I review the entire application in advance this time around:) Thanks IV... I have come a long way because of YOU!

    BTW a small issue I found on my family's AOS applications:
    For my dependants... in Part (2) Application Type, I think we should check (b) my spouse or parent applied for....
    it is currently (a) an immigrant petition giving me....

    It was also (a) in their first set of AOS applications

    Am I right in saying the checkbox to be selected is (b) not (a)?



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  • buehler
    08-22 10:18 AM
    Murthy or Oh or Carl Shusterman or Greg Siskind will have the contents in their website soon.

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  • raydhan
    04-01 04:31 PM
    Sent Fax# 10


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  • dpp
    06-27 10:01 AM
    I understand that there is lot of fear among applicants that USCIS might retrogress the dates interimly sometime in july due to the expected high volume of applications filing in the begining of july.

    To minimize the chance of USCIS from taking any such steps, shall we all unite and file the applications on a specific date in july probably on 30th of july? This will accomodate all that we shall all be winners and use this opportunity to our advantage instead of competing amongst each other...where only a few will be winners and others will be loosers.

    This will also reduce the pressure among applicants , attorneys and doctors.

    Can the AILA cooperate? Will there be unity amongst applicants to make this possible??? any ideas ??

    It is not workable option. How can you ask and convince your attorney to wait till the end of month and file. It is really foolishness and stupidity. If something happens, everybody will suffer. So, start sending whenever your docs are ready and good to go. Since we got a month, all filings will be distributed to whole month, and nobody or media cares. If they receive all on a particular one day, then it will be in news unnecessarily. Then, everybody starts hating GC applicants like the way it is happening for H1Bs because of mass filings on Apr 2nd 2007.

    So, please don't bring these ideas to forums for your personal benefit. If you are waiting on for some documents to end of next month, just you only wait, not all of us. We want to go and file. Most of us are already waited enough time to get a chance like this.

    Happy filing.

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  • kumar1
    10-29 09:23 AM
    So much for so called "highly skilled". Young guys out there, in their 20s....think twice about making America your permanent home. Right now, it is very discouraging.


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  • rssb
    01-25 10:52 AM
    Also shops/ people who have purchased substitute labor during the July 2007 window and faked lot of other things and are enjoying Ead's now.

    When hundreds of genuine people stuck in EB3 from 2002, 2003 are unable to port or start new applications waiting forever. People with Substitute labor are able to show 3-4 years experience since 2007 and are porting leaving genuine EB2 and EB3 applicants behind.

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  • thomachan72
    05-18 04:19 PM
    for those with masters or phd there is already a special quota called EB1. All of the others are not different from one another. if with your MS/PhD you are going to do the same kind of job any qualified person from India would do, what is the need for a special catagory. You have to prove your point then everybody will agree. Just by saying "special quota for MS" we will ask; WHY? show us the reason. I know lot of engineering graduates/MBAs/research scientists who have got MS from here but dont see any special significant contribution. I also know lot of professionals (specialists in medical / other fields) who were trained in the US and are significantly valued all over the world. So to put it briefly, this argument will not work with the law makers. People with PhD and lot of publications / patents / significant contributions etc definitely need a special quota and they already have one. The rest of us are in the same boat friends.


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  • sina
    12-20 01:32 PM
    No, only allows people on H4 for more than 6 years to get a H1B of their own for 6 years or until their spouses EAD/GC's arrive.

    When you say 'no'...did you answer my question (If someone has already spent 6 years on H1B can he/she convert to H4 status?).

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  • illusions
    02-21 05:44 PM
    So now they want to revise that Q&A! ;)


    "February 21, 2008
    USCIS HQ has informed AILA Liaison that the February 19, 2008
    Questions and Answers on its FBI name check policy have been
    withdrawn from the USCIS website for revision. An update of the Q
    & As is expected within a few days."

    Can't wait to see what dodgy language they cut out and what even more dodgy language they introduce.

    that's more like the USCIS.:rolleyes:

    Any predictions on if they might move the PD's to something more reasonable for everyone by mid march ?

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  • crzyBanker
    05-30 11:21 AM

    02-11 01:48 PM
    i agree.There are 2 reasons.
    1. Last year EB2(I) received only 7K primary EB2(14kTotal/2).My guess is that there are definitly more than 7K pending for EB2(I) before 2005.

    2. This year there won't be much FB spillover.So we may not even get 7K for EB2(I) this year.

    11-09 04:53 PM
    July 19filer (@TSC), awaiting FP for both me and my wife (no SR opened yet).

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